Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Disney Dance

ok so when we were at disneyland (yes back in Nov.) the parade music started and our tired little Taj went out in the middle of the parade route and began to dance with his binky and blanket.  He was so cute the security guards actually let him stay out there until the last minute.  I love how kids intuitively love music.  When Taj dances it brings so much joy to our lives. 

Saturday, December 20, 2008


In November my sister Amanda, her boys, my other sister Candice and my Dad came out to visit us.  They all piled into our front room and we had so much fun.  Taj was in heaven with his cousins and we were all lucky enough to have one day at disneyland.  Mike even got to come, which was so much fun!

Taj dog piling his cousins.
Taj couldn't be happier with cousins Oliver and Conner.
Taj loves dancing cheek to cheek with Grandpa.

More Halloween Fun

So Halloween morning Taj  was quite upset because he couldn't lift the pumpkin.  Classic.

Taj helping me make some yummy Halloween cookies.
Ok this one cracks me up.  Taj is at the phase where he likes to go to a corner or private place to go poop and this was one of them.  He went in the log cabin played for a while and then suddenly it got very quiet.  When I peaked in and caught a whiff I knew exactly what he had been up to. 
So he loved these little toys he could play on.  Anything with wheels is fun for Taj to ride on. 
Uh Oh, I think we are in trouble.  This reminds me of those freestyle moves.


So I haven't done a post in a long time, but I have a good excuse.  I really wanted to post a video of Taj riding the ponies and the blog would not let me upload it.  After 10 trys it finally accepted it.  So make sure you watch the 20 sec. pony ride video because I wanted to keep things in order.
Ok now on to Halloween.  Mike had a great idea for a Halloween costume for Taj and I couldn't find the pieces to put it together.  He wanted Taj to be Nacho Libre.  Hysterical!  Hopefully we can pull it off next year.  So instead he was an awesome pirate.  It was so fun watching him run around with his sword and bucket of candy.  And of course my favorite part is his mustache!

Here is Taj with his buddies Ellie and Shane.  Sooooo cute!
Ok this is one of my favorites.  Taj was so happy to be with his fellow pirate Jayden.
Taj and Marley loving their lollipops. Taj was so sticky.


So our sweet neighbor margaret introduced Taj to swords.  It was instant love.  I am seriously amazed at how natural it is for boys.  He had never seen a sword in his life and he new exactly what to do with it.  Margaret handed it to him and he immediately bent his knees and began to chop the air with the sword.  It was so funny.  We both had a good laugh.  The only problem was he loved it so much he wouldn't let it leave his side and had to go to bed with it. 

Taj absolutely loved the pony ride at the pumpkin patch.  It is so cute how he held onto the saddle and enjoyed the ride.  Of course we had to let him do it twice.  So fun!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

FHE Pumpkin Patch

This ended up being such a fun night! Taj had a great time and we loved being together. Mike has been really busy with work lately, so this was a nice escape for all of us. Taj's favorite thing was by far the ponyride. We let him do it twice because he loved it so much. I am going to try to download one of the videos. so cute!